Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Major Briggs and Coop
Date: 1990-12-12, 07:09

The scene with the light at the end when Briggs shouted, "Cooper.  Cooper,"
was foreshadowed when Briggs showed Coop his sheets of jibberish.  It
appeared after, 'The Owls are not what they seem.'  And Major Briggs told
Cooper, and look later that morning -- Cooper, Cooper.  What it all means
is a mystery -- at least to me.

And it wasn't long before this event that it was confirmed that the owls
are not what they seem.

I find all the fun of Twin Peaks in its ambiguity and not knowing where
it will take us next.  Otherwise, it wouldn't be a mystery.  Would it?

--Cool Bean
-- **This is not cultural.