Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: It came to me in a dream...
From: (C. Kurt Svihla)
Date: 1990-12-12, 10:34

> > I don't think James was being an
> >"asshole" when he left Donna recently, I think he's freaking out after
> >two of his friends dying, and people should cut him some slack.
> >Maybe this sympathy comes from freaking out when friends of mine have
> >died.  I reviewed the scene with the golf bag, and it didn't flop around
> > after hitting the door at all, and you can fit a body in there.  
> > 

I think you could probably fit a body in the golf bag.  I never said
the bag flopped, I said it was swung aside by the door hitting it, which
it most certainly was.  A bit more subtle than a flop, but if you
look closely you'll see it.  The car trunk also does not react properly
when the golf bag is thrown in it.  Toss a hundred pound bag of concrete
in your trunk sometime.  We all *know* that there really wasn't a body in
the golf bag, or Ray Wise would never have been able to carry it so
easily.  The director erred by sloppy shooting which failed to maintain
the illusion that there was.  This is fact, not mindless criticism.

I still think James was a self-centered yahoo for leaving Donna alone.
Remember the reaction of the town after Laura's body was found?
Curfews and paranoia were the order of the day.  James finds out Maddy
was killed and leaves his ostensible true love crying in the woods,
pleading with him not to leave.  If he cares enough about his friends
to freak out over their demise, he should also care enough about Donna
to take her to a safe place.  I think the scene was another opportunity
for the writers to show us poor James, trapped in a world he never
made. It didn't ring true, at least in the eyes of this beholder.
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