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Subject: Follow the Bouncing Ball
From: maus@Morgan.COM (Malcolm Austin)
Date: 1990-12-13, 14:10

I've read here that an explanation for the naval ball-bouncers was written
into the script, but left on the cutting-room floor.

I'm skeptical.

No explanations have been offered for any of the other Great Northern guest
themes--the Barbershop quartets, the plaid-skirt clad girls, etc.  Admittedly
these groups were much more conventional, but there have been absolutely no
references to any of them.  (The Icelanders don't count.)

Also, the first shot of these bouncers is clearly established so that we hear 
the noise first, wonder what it is, and then discover that it is all of these 
uniformed people bouncing balls.  The whole scene is set up to leave us with a
"What the heck?" feeling.  Why would they burden us with an explanation when
they can leave us hanging?

Does anyone know what the snipped story of the spheriod slinging sailors was 
supposed to be?
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