Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Ray Wise [Leland] interview
Date: 1990-12-13, 12:20

On WGBH 90.9FM last night in Boston, a show called Fresh Air was on 
and they interviewed Ray Wise.  She (the interviewer) asked about how
they all found out who killed Laura Palmer.
He said (this is not quoted--I was in my car and am writing this from 
memory) It was sometime last summer. Frost and Lynch asked Ben, Ray
and Maddie/Laura to come up. (this is sort of a quote---We walked into
a darkened room and there was no furniture in it.  We sat on the floor
crosslegged.  Frost (or Lynch) put his hand on my knee and said "
" It was you. It was always you."  
Ray said he was very upset because he liked his character and he didn't
want it to be him.  He said he felt better when he found out that he
did it due to the posession and he didn't feel so responsible.

Ray said it was all pretty secret.  Their scripts were numbered so that
if one got in the wrong hands, they would know whose it was.  They even
went so far as to shoot several real scenes with alternating conclusions
so that the camera crews etc wouldn't know which was going to air.

Ray also said he was originally interviewed for Sheriff Trumans part but
they liked him for Leland better.

Let's see... what else.... She asked about his "barking" in that last
episode (of his).  He said that was his idea and he felt it all went 
with the "woods motif"

I was sitting in my parked car listening to this when they took a break
and I simply had to go into a store that was about to close.  If anyone
heard this program and listened to what was said after the break, please
let me know.