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Subject: Re: Donna's smoking, ack!
From: abbott@mobius.ACA.MCC.COM (Jeff Abbott)
Date: 1990-12-13, 13:43
Reply-to: abbott@mobius.UUCP (Jeff Abbott)

In article <> (Susan K. Raisty) writes:
> >Did anyone notice that Donna was smoking at the wake?
> >In front of HER MOM?  

> >It seems like there are way too many smokers on this show, 
> >including all the high school kids (sans James/drip)....
> >
> >Leo, Shelly, Donna, Bobby, Audrey, Josie... I know there are more...

I'm curious as to why this bothers you, Susan. Do you feel 
smoking shouldn't be portrayed on TV?

Lots of Lynch characters smoke. . .check out all the closeups
of lit cigarettes in "Wild at Heart". . .
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