Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: The wreck at the end of 11/24 and 12/1
Date: 1990-12-13, 00:17

The last scene of the 12/1 and the 11/24 episodes showed what appeared to be
an owl's perspective of a flight through a car wreck.

Here is an hypothesis. The car wreck represents BOB's former host, Leland.

Leland acted as a vehicule, so to speak, for BOB. When Leland died, this
vehicule became useless, a wreck, to be discarded. That's why the camera was
going through the reck at the end of 11/24. It was leaving the old wreck
behind, and was in search of a new vehicule.

When the camera found the light, we saw a bird emerging from it. This bird
turned out to be an owl. But before we could identify it as an owl, I could
have sworn it was a dove. This brings to mind the infamous "the owls are not
what they seem" line.

White lights are usually associated with purity, innocence, peace. As Leland
was dying, he saw the light, and he saw Laura in it. And he went to it.

But what if that light is really evil? You'd expect a dove to come from such a
light. But what's the significance of the dove turning into an owl?

At the end of 12/1, that white light had a definite negative connotation to it,
as it appeared to be related to the Major's disappearance.

I don't know what's going to happen to Major Briggs, but if any of what I
rambled about above is true, then things don't look to "bright" for him. 

This time, Cooper should be right on top of things.

Mario Ouellet
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova-Scotia