Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: 12 days of "Twin Peaks" Christmas
From: (Brett J. Vickers)
Date: 1990-12-14, 10:11

On a local radio station in Los Angeles, they got Jack Nance, Kimmy
Robertson, Dana Ashbrook, and Kyle MacLachlan together to sing a
twist on the "12 Days of Christmas."  I thought it was great, so
I'll post the last refrain (all 12 days) with the singer's name to
the right of the line he/she sung:

On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me,
	12 Cups of Coffee,				[Jack]
	11 Cherry Pies,					[Kimmy]
	10 Drooling Leos,				[Dana]
	 9 Owls Lurking,				[Jack]
	 8 Dancing Midgets,				[Kyle]
	 7 One-Armed Men,				[Dana]
	 6 Fish in a Percolator,			[Jack]
	 5 Jelly Donuts,				[Kimmy]
	 4 Talking Logs,				[Kyle]
	 3 Possessed Souls,				[Jack]
	 2 Secret Diaries,				[Dana]
	 and a Body, Dead, Wrapped in Plastic.		[Jack]

Twin Peaks characters show up on this radio station quite a bit.  They've
had Catherine Coulson, Ray Wise, Dana Ashbrook, Kyle MacLachlan, Kimmy
Robertson, Jack Nance, and probably a few others I'm forgetting.  On
Monday, they're having BOB himself -- Frank Silva.

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