Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: farewell, cruel net
Date: 1990-12-14, 15:23

It is my sad duty to inform the net that Agent
Maguire is leaving the week next for Australia - sigh.
Agent Maguire, or Diarmuid, was the fella who did the
following things on the net this year:

1.  he figured out that Senor Droolcup was played by an
actor from the classic John Wayne vehicle `The Searchers.'
In that movie (said by Lucas to have been one of the influences on
the Star Wars series) the Senor Droolcup actor said many
of the same lines that he says to Agent Cooper in the first
show of the series this season. You remember the interminable
silences, the thumbs up signals, the I remember you's, etc.

2.  Diarmuid is the fellow who took the now famous visit to 
his local library and told us all about Northwest Indian lore
and the Bookwus.  I had the pleasure of writing up his stuff,
but he did the work.  For those of you new to the net, this
was a post this past September in which Diarmuid put together
items from Nanaido Indian beliefs and images on the show - 
including ambivalent meanings of owls, the evil spirit of 
Bookwus with the owl mask and rituals involving forests
during contests between good and evil spirits.  It was a
wonderful post.

3.  Diarmuid later developed a view that the show operated
on a variation of scissors, stone, paper games from our youth.
The equivalents were forests, fire and water.  Meaning that the
show was built around a threatened forest (and its spirits),
the destructive power of fire and the cleansing effects of
water.  Let's just say that Diarmuid was not surprised when
Bob left Leland after the sprinklers just happened to come
on in the jail cell.  Other illustrations are how Josie/Catherine
are saving the forest (Ghostwood) from Ben (one of the fiery
people - `We gotta burn something...').  

4.  He still argues that Ben shoulda killed Laura, but
concedes finally that Leland did indeed do the deed.

5.  Other missed predictions:  he thought the show would make
a big deal out of a trial of Leland or Ben - wrong.
He thought there would be more cowboy/western imagery connected
to the circuit judge.  And he still thinks that leo will be the
next host of BOB - but worries about Major Briggs.

6.  Diarmuid and I both believe that Lynch also operates off
of traditional Catholic sensibility such that evil is real
and love heals all wounds.  And that there is a fundamental separation
between the material and the spiritual.  One neat illustration of
this is the James character.  Although James and Donna are played by
piss-poor actors it really means something when these teenage idiots
breakup, or change partners.  When James prefers Donna to Maddie,
this damns Maddie, leaving her to BOB.  Ditto Laura on her fateful
night and makes Donna now vulnerable.  

7.  Diarmuid is outta here next Wednesday.  Give him a fond good-bye
and Happy Holidays.

Hillard Pouncy