Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: More About 12/1....
From: (Richard Hancock)
Date: 1990-12-14, 10:29

/ / /  3:04 am  Dec 14, 1990 /

> > Personally, I consider it the television show of the intelligentsia. Not that
> > people who don't watch it are ignorant.  It just seems that those who really
> > despise it have either (1) very large insecurity problems, (2) a shallow view
> > of reality, or (3) just don't understand what's going on.

I like TP because :- (i) of the emotions displayed in the first few episodes;
(ii) it is "deep" ie. structured rather than flat; (iii) I often feel the
exhilaration of being drawn towards an understanding of what it's all about.