Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Ray Wise [Leland] interview (on Fresh Air - NPR)
From: (Brenda Aldridge)
Date: 1990-12-14, 17:31

In article <00941216.86525420@BINAH.CC.BRANDEIS.EDU>, vargo@BINAH.CC.BRANDEIS.EDU writes:
> > On WGBH 90.9FM last night in Boston, a show called Fresh Air was on 
> > and they interviewed Ray Wise.  She (the interviewer) asked about how
> > they all found out who killed Laura Palmer.
> > He said (this is not quoted--I was in my car and am writing this from 
> > memory) It was sometime last summer. Frost and Lynch asked Ben, Ray
> > and Maddie/Laura to come up. (this is sort of a quote---We walked into
> > a darkened room and there was no furniture in it.  We sat on the floor
> > crosslegged.  Frost (or Lynch) put his hand on my knee and said "
> > " It was you. It was always you."  

You forgot about the lava lamp.  The only thing in the room besides people
was a lava lamp in the shape of a waterfall.

> > Ray also said he was originally interviewed for Sheriff Trumans part but
> > they liked him for Leland better.

His agent called him and told him they wanted him for Leland Palmer.  He
had no idea who Leland was, and looked through the pilot for the character.
He felt Leland was a pretty normal guy, above-average lawyer, who had the
misfortune to have a teenage daughter who was murdered.  (So, when the pilot
was filmed, he had no idea about BOB, etc.)

He said during his early dancing scenes that the 'observant viewer' would
notice him holding his hands at different heights.  When his hands were low,
he was dancing with a young Laura, teaching her to dance while she stepped
on his shoes.

His natural hair color is brown, he had to wear *tons* of chemicals to
get it the color white on the show.  His hair is growing out now, and
is half white half brown.

When asked whether he would be back on TP as another twin, or via
flashbacks he said - who knows anythings possible.

He was very sad when he found out that he KLP.  (I would have been 
dissappointed also, out of a job in a cool new series).  He had grown
very fond of Leland and his quirky ways, and couldn't believe he had
killed Laura.

He was on a day-time soap for 6 years (One Life to Live - I think). 

Good interview, maybe Ray can get cast for other TV roles ?