Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Russ Tamblyn (wasRe: TP: What about Jacoby?)
Date: 1990-12-14, 14:19

In article <>, (Hazel Sydeserff) writes...
> >I keep reading that Russ was in West Side Story (like Richard Beymer). I know 
> >that RB played Tony ("te adoro, Anton") but who was RT?
> > 
> >-- 
> >=====================================          "...unimaginative, timid, 
> >Hazel Sydeserff                                lacking in initiative,
> >Centre for Speech Technology Research          spineless, easily dominated,
> >University of Edinburgh                        no sense of humour, tedious 
> >80, South Bridge                               company and irrepressibly drab
> >EDINBURGH                                      and awful. And whereas in most
> >EH1 1HN					       professions these would be
> >                                               considerable drawbacks, in
> >                                               speech technology they are a
> >                                               positive boon."
> >                                                                        MPFC

Russ Tamblyn played Tony's best friend - Riff? Ruff? - who gets killed
by George Chakiris's character a la Mercutio in R&J.