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Subject: Re: Re: The Episode to MISS (was Re: TP - 12/8/90 *SPOILERS*)
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-12-14, 20:51

In article <35570037@hpopd.HP.COM>, richardh@hpopd.HP.COM (Richard Hancock) writes...

} Do we DEFINITELY know who the Dwarf (MFAP?) was/represented? If so, who
} was he?

Definite enough. Cooper explained that the Dwarf's dancing was a clue to
Leland's sudden compulsion to dance. Coop, at least, was convinced that
the Dwarf represented Leland, and it seems clear to me that that is the
intention of the writers.

Cooper may well be mistaken, but I suspect that it would be fruitless to
discuss the point, as I think that particular door is shut.

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