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Subject: Re: Well I'm out of here....
From: tneff@bfmny0.BFM.COM (Tom Neff)
Date: 1990-12-14, 00:27

In article (Robert J. Knapp) writes:
> >I really doubt if any one cares, and I'm probably breaking all kinds of
> >nettiquette, but I just wanted to post about why I'm de-subscribing to
> >this bboard.

For those who may NOT be leaving:

 1. It's not a 'bboard'.

> >IT'S GOTTEN SILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 2. Good newsgroups sometimes are.

> >I don't care if there is a little continutiy error about the Major's
> >marshmellow!!  I just watch the show for the emotions it causes in me.

 3. But are not apparently willing to extend the same approach to netnews!

> >Of course the 12/1/90 episode was contrived, IT IS FICTION! Think about
> >it any novel you read is CONTRIVED!!!! It was created in the mind of a
> >human being who bends the story so it comes out the way he/she wants it
> >to! 

 4. Not all fiction is contrived.  Although most fiction does come out
the way someone 'wants it to,' that way does not have to be contrived.
Contrived in this context doesn't simply mean intentional!  It means 
artificial to the exclusion of believability.  TP's weaker episodes have
been guilt of that.  The better ones aren't.

> >     It's getting to the point that people are looking for meaning in
> >every little thing that is protrayed on the screen.........face it
> >people LYNCH LIKES IMAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!   PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!!!!!!  

Nobody is looking for 'meaning' in the continuity errors reported here.
We talk about them because this newsgroup is for talking about the
series.  Talking needn't be confined to asking about ultimate meanings.

Also keep in mind that the most annoying glitches and zigzags seem to
occur when someone OTHER than Lynch is at the helm.  It pays to read
those credits!

> >At the same time, he struggling to keep the show on the air, that means
> >catering, occasionally, to people who want a plot!!!!  {NO, I DON'T WANT
> >THe MOVIE!!!! {No, its not Lynch, but the first scene is just images}}

The first scenes concisely and humorously show what's-her-name, the fat
German woman, being dumped by her husband and trudging towards the truck
stop.  It's not JUST images, though it is nicely weird and atmospheric.
There is NO wasted motion.  Watch it again sometime.  There is a
difference between imagination and carelessness.

> >Flame away, I WON'T BE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But the discussion will, and that's what the newsgroup's about.

> >Rob "Sometimes a bouncing ball is just a boucing ball" Knapp

Now if we can explain what a 'boucing' ball is... ACES!

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