Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: TP
From: (Joshua Neil Rubin)
Date: 1990-12-14, 06:47


One of the things that makes TP unique and 

interesting is that it is, to a great extent, self-

consciously about the question of what it is about.

The continued revelation of what kind of world TP is 

keeps me coming back for more, but it worries me.  I 

find that I become intrigued by new formulas in TV 

shows while they're being worked out.  While a 

cutting-edge show is still finding itself it toys with 

the boundaries of the art.  But once it finds itself 

and settles down (and limits itself to a bounded 

psychic pigeonhole), I lose a lot of interest.

How long can the shape of the series, its premises, 

continue to evolve?  How long can the strip-tease 

last?  How long until we have solved the real 

mystery - the mystery of just what the heck kinda 

place this is?  When do we find out whether TP is about 

soul-sucking aliens from the fourth dimension, Angels, 

Knights Templar, telepaths, Rosicrucians, 

time-travelers, Satanists, quantum physics, Masons, 

black holes, all/none of the above?  And what happens 

then?  Must TP evolve into something ever-funnier?  

Ever-freakier?  Ever-more evil?  More beautiful?  More 

mystical?  More magical?  More bizarre?

Are there no limits or must it ultimately stagnate?  Is 

the answer that it must stagnate because of the 

limitations of an open-ended TV series as a medium and 

the fact (?) that you can only go so far out?  Is it 

squandering its capital by revealing itself?  Or can its 

creators continue to create metaphysical twists and turns 

that keep the ball in play indefinitely?  I hope so.  

Magic covers a lot of turf.

P.S. - The donuts are not what they seem.