Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: "DEBUT POST"
From: (Lisa Laidlaw)
Date: 1990-12-15, 11:33

Well, here goes: my "debut post" Will someone write me an email
note that says weather or not this worked?  I'll be logged on
all day working on my thesis (gag).  I am interested in the
many and various theories about the origin of BOB, and the
occult, forensic debate.  I offer a few thoughts, though not
as insightful now that I've seen the 12/8 episode.  I wrote
this last saturday morning, but finals postponed my attempt
to send it to you all. I'm looking forward to tonite's
show,  I would like to see a few plot lines tied up, They
are: Who shot Cooper?
Why is no one mourning Maddy except the teen
junior g-people D and J?
Is Audrey gonna sleep with Bobby?
(What a mistake that would be for miss horn)
Is Leo faking it?
(by the way, I am convinced that it was
Leo outside the window while Josie and HST
were fooling around on that couch-Look closely VCR owners.)
Is the episode in Pittsburgh related to the letters
under the finger-nail murders.

The owls thing is the next big issue in my opinion.
The spirits must use the
owls to jump in and out of as temporary vehicles.
I must admit, I was one of
the resistant ones with the spirit/supernatural stuff.
I wanted to have the
style of TP, which I consider to be reflective of REAL
societal ills (domestic
violence, incest, infidelity, drug abuse, white collar
crimes-embezzlement and
insider trading, insurance fraud, prostitution, murder of course, mental
illness, racism--virtually no blacks in the cast, and the
stray native american
comment, etc. . .) to match the motivation of the murderer.
In other words,
Lynch is using realism in his depiction of violence (like the
camera work)
to mirror the reality of what's happening
in the american
living room.  The murder of LP ought to, in the logic of the narrative
echo the origins of these societal ills.
The themes of the subplots would logically
relate to the overall plot.  Realism/realism
NOT realism/hobgoblins.
The super natural thing then
the responsibility of these horrors away from
individuals and gives it to the
devil or whatever mean spirit you envision.
I wanted it to turn out that there
was a conspiracy over the border in Canada,
and the water was being contaminated
with a hallucinatory drug, or that the doctor
was drugging the town slowly
but surely, and feeding some sick sadistic thrill
he gets from it (I thought of
this after watching five episodes in one day and
noticing at least five
references about the hospital food-and the doctor's
insistence and persistence
tthat everyone eat it.)  Or that Ben Horn had Sarah, and Leland hooked on
heroin like Blackie, and that the two of them were
responsible for LP's murder.
Something that was earthbound.  To me, a wierd, but
empirically verifiable
solution would have made more sense to the overall
emphasis on true-to-life
tragedies in American life.

The observation about the spiralling
nastiness of the bad guys is fascinating.
(Reference to an observation by Kathleen Hunt
e-mail note)  She sez: That every bad guy is
surpassed by another even worse guy.
I think you are right on with that idea.
I guess the meaner they get the more
the supernatural theme will have to be developed
because if following the logic
of the narrative, the meanest guy will be the ring
leader of the spirits.  Will
GOD/BUDDHA/or the high diety of your choice be the
COOPER in the end?  See what
I'm getting At? The extreme development of the narrative
now has to be either
between the bad spirit and the good spirit,
or the bad spirit and the Cooperesque good human who is driven by the
good spirit.  Well, anyway it will have some
closure of that type eventually.

TWINS! I've got some more for you,
they may not be original, but I havent'
been on the NET too long.
1.Hawk's Brandeis girl friend is Diane/Cooper's Diane
2.Incest: almost Ben/audrey and Laura/Leland
3. Audrey smoking in the closet while
listening to the hooker finder guy's
talk with the Only Black cast member-that young woman with unicorn. Who
wouldn't smell that damn cigarette?
AND Leland and the cigar as he pretends
to leave the bedroom of Audrey the shy prostitute.
Who wouldn't smell that
damn cigar?
4. Nadine and Leland as dancers
5. References to Hair: Laura/Maddy,Leland/Leland,
Norma's mom's husband and
Hank's comment that he likes the new color, Gwen
and Lucy same style, the first
episode of the season donna's hair was so obviously longer
(the hiatus was not
covered up-intentionally so?), Many of the cast members have
dark hair, did you
notice that?  Few light haired folks.
6.The beginning of two sequences
are the blinding shot of a flashbulb-when the
investigators are at the sight of leo johnson's
shooting, and when they find
Harold Smith.
Oh yeah! Gwen/Lucy as mommies.

Twilight Zone camera angles:
a fellow TP fan pointed out to me that the angles
resembled the angles that the saw takes
in the beginning sequence of every
episode.  This to me may be a link between
the OWLS and the logging industry.
Isn't it true that out your way there is a
big controversy about the loss of
nesting grounds for owls?  Could Lynch be
creating a show that dramatizes the
revvenge these creatures could take if they had supernatural powers?
How stupid that would be, but it seems as plausible
as some other theories.