Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Cooper's from Philly!
Date: 1990-12-15, 16:51

Tonight, after the show, there was a story on the local news here in Philly
about Frost comming for a visit to do research on the upcomming biography
of Agent Cooper.  It seems that they've decided that Coop grew up in 
Germantown in the 60's (one of the more historic sections of Philly
- was once the nation's capital for a while!)

Coop "went" to Germantown Friends School - a fairly well known prep school, and
Frost visited the place and met with some old teachers (from the era!) to find
out how GFS would have affected Cooper.

Frost explaned what a "literate" audience TP has, how we're "readers" (ie.
they can suck us into buying TP books!)  He told the reporter that it is
unlikely that the past they are creating for Cooper will show up much in the 
show, and that they probably won't have any "flashbacks" to Philadelphia!

The segment ended with Frost driving off in a limo eating an authentic Philly

Bob Noone			University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine