Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: First US TP 12/15 post?
From: (Rafael Juarez)
Date: 1990-12-15, 20:14

	I have struggled for a mere moment to attempt to put into words my
feelings about this newest of episodes of Twin Peaks.

	It was like no other episode I've seen yet, in a disappointing way. 
Perhaps it was the total lack of spirtuality on Bob's part, and the total lack
of interesting characterization on Cooper's, Audrey's or any other main
character's part.

	I _do_ feel however that we are being set up for two falls-- the lesser
of the two being spiritual and obvious, as Hawk pointed out that there's a
confrontation coming up; this one will be "resolved" through spirituality. 
Odd, though, that Lynch (or whomever is in control) makes this fall and related
terror seem so insignificant compared to the many aspects of the latter fall--
all the parts of the "human" side of the Evil that Peakers do-- Andrew Packard
is alive, Hank is, as usual, up to no good, Bobby might be getting in some
trouble, Cooper's trouble with drugs, the mounties, and Denise-- are far worse
than the spirits that inhabit the woods.

	I feel that Cooper must confront and resolve the spiritual issue.  It
must be done with style, and must be reasonably in-depth.

	However, the exceedingly annoying set-ups (Packard, drugs, the
introduction of Denise, who must be reasonably important to garner such
interest) have loomed weave upon woof (ooh, what impressive word-play!) of
impossible situations-- for Lynch/Frost/Peyton to resolve these issues will
require _totally_ amazing writing and directing, of which I believe not even
those three are capable.  Will there be a human scum<->spirit scum tie in? 
What does Bob have to do with all this, eh?

-- David Konerding, Wesleyan University DKONERDING@EAGLE.WESLEYAN.EDU "I have a cause: obscenity. I'm for it." -- Tom Lehrer