Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: 12/15 Episode
From: (Joshua Neil Rubin)
Date: 1990-12-16, 13:35

Re: 12/15

- The headline read "Leland Palmer Laid To Rest".  
  By the way, did anyone ever figure out who the third 
  man was whose semen was found in LP?

- Evelyn Marsh - If Jeffrey's possessions are all 
  perfect, why can't he spring for a little minor 
  cosmetic dentistry?

- What music did James play at Wally's?  Must have 
  had some significance re: Donna or Laura.

- It would seem that the robed figure at the end of 
  12/8 was the "Dweller on the Threshold.

- The friendship between Coop and Denise was well-played 
  and shows promise.  Note the "rimshot" after Denise 
  tells Coop he's touching on a "delicate area" and 
  confides that he's been "getting in touch with (his) 

- Norma telling Ernie to go back to Seattle, when she 
  was clearly, IMHO, on to him, was a nice touch.

- Andy - *Great* fall.  More!!!

- Ben - What was in that stogie?  What a great scene!   
  Note the cigar in little Ben's mouth in the movie.  I 
  was kinda sorta hoping that the other kid was Leland 
  but I think it was Jerry.  Hank's delivery of 
  "You're out Ben" was so great.

- Upcoming scene - Shelley Long as the young Catherine 
  in a flashback with Pete at Pearl Lakes.

lilj (WELL)