Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Angel, Catherine, Andrew and Hank
From: (S. A. Wilson)
Date: 1990-12-16, 21:51


Well as many assumed last year old Andrew is not dead. Now what I am wondering

1) Could Andrew be the "angel" which Catherine told Harry about. Now what I mean
is that she all along thought that Andrew WAS dead. Now after the fire, a 
disorientated Catherine did end up in the woods. Now some how she arrived at
their old family cabin, wherein she found a very much alive Andrew. Thus
part of her story to Harry was true, only thing was that she left out the part
that the person who helped her was Andrew and not a ghost.

2) The more likely thing is that she knew all along that Andrew wasn't dead.
That the two had been plotting something big all along. Somehow the GhostWood
thing is part of it but only a small portion, and the big game is Mr. Eckert.
If she and Andrew were planning something for the past 18+ months it would
thus make since that she was able to get the large money order so quickly.

3) Now if she and Andrew had planned the thing all along did he just survive
the murder attempt, and thus the two have been planning their revenge?
Or what if they payed Hank off, and he faked Andrew's murder. He got payed
by both the Packards and Josie. He in fact still could be tied up with
the Packard's thus betraying Josie and Ben....

So what do you think is up, which theory if any is correct?

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