Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: FBI Mac Portable file
From: (Kablooey)
Date: 1990-12-16, 02:59

First off, I'll say that I enjoyed the 12/15 episode quite a bit (I was
rather fed up after watching the 12/1 episode).  Anyhow, I noticed the
appearance of a Mac Portable (apparently running Microsoft Word (ick))
which was displaying a text file relating to the investigation of Dale
Cooper.  Now, I couldn't quite make out the text using my VCR, but I'm
pretty certain that there's a date in the file which says "October 27,
1990" (which, in the context of the file, seemed to be referring to the
current date).  In any case, I do know that a previous episode did show
a hospital chart with a February 1989 date, and, while the year has been
under some debate in this newsgroup, hadn't we established the month
as being February?