Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: More Lynch-bashing...does he deserve it?
From: (Barry L. Gingrich)
Date: 1990-12-16, 18:18
Reply-to: bgingric@isis.UUCP (Barry L. Gingrich)

The _Utne Reader_ Jan/Feb 1991 issue has an article entitled
"Is David Lynch Creepier Than His Movies?" by Laurie Ouellette
that attempts to link DL's conservative politics and the nasty
things that seem to happen to people (particularly women) in 
his films.

Some short excerpts (from a short article...):

"The demons in Lynch's imagination jibe well with neo-conservative paranoia..."
(originally in _City Pages_)

"The poor get locked out of their jobs, get tossed out of their homes,
 get shot by stray bullets, at the rate of once a day; and the college-
 educated play at wanting to be disturbed" (Originally in _The Nation_)

"Maybe we should be grateful that Lynch empties the contents of his 
 murky, endlessly inventive head into film and not into public office."
 (originally in _LA Weekly_)

-- - Barry L. Gingrich