Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: 12/15 Synopsis (long)
From: (Bob Nolty)
Date: 1990-12-17, 12:58

Whenever I miss a show I wish someone had done this, so I'll start doing
it when I can.

I. James riding motorcycle during credits
II. Mrs. Briggs in sheriff's office with HST and Cooper.  She implies that
    Major Briggs' classified research seems to involve the spirits of the
III. The sheriff's office employees talk about Dougie Milford's upcoming
IV. Gordon Cole calls to OFFER HIS SUPPORT.
V. Cooper has an interview with the FBI investigator (Roger).  Coop claims
   that he may have broken some rules but did nothing really wrong.
VI. Nadine and Donna visit at TPHS.  Nadine has a crush on Bobby.  Neither has
    seen James for several days.
VII. James stops at a road house outside of Twin Peaks.  A beautiful blonde
     who can't act ("Evelyn Marsh") flirts it up with him.  James agrees to
     try to fix her husband's Jaguar.
VIII. Dick arrives at the station with a 12-year old (nephew?).  Lucy's
      not there but Andy volunteers to take them for a malt.
IX. Hawk tells HST and Truman about Indian legend -- there is a white lodge
    and a black lodge in the spirit world.  At some point you have to pass
    through the black lodge on your way to better things, and you must have
    purity of heart and courage when that time comes.  I didn't get it exactly
    right, but I'm sure you'll hear Cooper repeat some of Hawk's words with
    a far-away look in his eyes as these things come to pass in the next few 
    weeks.  (You know, a la "sometimes my arms bend back".)
X. The DEA agent shows up -- Cooper knows him from previous work together, but
   he shows up in a wig and dress, asking to be called Denise not Dennis.  
   Everyone rolls with the punches.
XI. Nadine flirts with Bobby in the weight room while leg pressing 600 pounds.
    The coach asks her to go out for wrestling.
XII. Harry visits Josie at his place (lunch time).  She tells him of her past
     involving a bad guy named Thomas Eckhardt.  She says Eckhardt bumped off
     Andrew Packard, conveniently failing to mention that she and Hank "had
     an arrangement".  She quivers like a frightened bunny and Harry takes her
     in his big manly arms.
XIII. Diner - Norma, then Hank talk to Ernie.  Nothing happens.
XIV. Dick, Andy and nephew Nicky drink malteds.  Andy begins to reconsider
     his policy of being friends with Dick.
XV. James agrees to take an apartment over Evelyn's garage while he fixes
    her husband's Jag (husband is out of town.)  More suggestive talk from
XVI. IMHO the only scene worthy of the TP tradition: an unshaved Ben sits
     in his office watching 20-year old home movies.
XVII. Hank comes in and tells Ben that Renault is forcing him out of OEJ's.
XVIII. Cooper gets a note from Wyndham Earle -- P-Q4 -- and a tape.  The
       tape implied to me that Cooper had somehow sent Earle his response
       to Earle's opening move and this was the third move of the game.
       Earle rambles about confrontations without getting to specifics --
       fairly good stuff.
XIX. Dougie Milford's wedding -- this tried very hard to be quirky and
     fun TP stuff, but mostly bored me.  Remeber mayor Dwayne Milford
     from the premiere ("Is this thing on?" WAAAAA)?  So his even more
     decrepit brother is marrying some sweet young thing, Dwayne's
     against it, the whole town is there.  Cooper skips the wedding but
     he and Denise take in the reception.  Quirkiness, quirkiness.
XX. Josie gives the Eckhardt spiel to Catherine.  Catherine says Josie
    must be her personal slave for life or she will turn Josie over to
    Eckhardt.  Josie acquiesces and leaves.  Then who should walk in but
    a very-much-alive Andrew Packard.  He and Catherine say, everything's
    going according to plan, let's wait for Eckhardt to show and spring
    our trap.  They grin evilly.
All in all a good episode to miss.  I found it mostly non-entertaining,
and not too much vital plot advancement.