Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: 12/17 Spoilers
From: abbott@mobius.ACA.MCC.COM (Jeff Abbott)
Date: 1990-12-17, 09:50

If you haven't seen 12/17, don't read this.

Regarding the 12/17 episode:

What I liked:

-Denise Bryson. Who is the actor playing her? He's doing a great job.
I have new respect for Coop, seeing how he handled this situation
and wanted to stay friends with Denise.

-Andy and Dick playing Big Brother, seeing who has the more finely
honed paternal instincts. Poor Nicky, being "parented" by those
two. . .:-)

-Nadine's chasing of Mike. Her casual leg-pumping of 600 pounds
while coyly looking at him was hilarious, as was his stricken look
when she was invited to join the wrestling team.

-Ben and Hank. Especially with Ben watching the movie of the opening
of the Great Northern. Nice touch when he kissed the image of his
mother. I have a feeling that Ben's warning to Hank about
"dancing with the devil" is going to haunt Hank, when Jean 
finally screws hm over. . .

-Catherine's crushing of Josie. The rotten Catherine from the beginning
of the first season is back, and I love her! And the surprise ending. . .

What I didn't like:

-The Milford brothers feuding. I haven't really been given a reason
to care about this storyline.

-The rather uninterested way Truman and Cooper are responding to
Major Briggs' disappearence. Shouldn't the military be concerned 
that one of their own is missing? 

-I had been saying last week that I thought James should either
get a new storyline or get nuked. Well, he got a new storyline.
Undoubtedly, Evelyn Marsh will want to provide him with more
than room and board. Possibly a Lynch version of "The Graduate"?
("Cucucachu, Mrs. Robinson, I mean Marsh. . .") :-) I did like
the music used when James was on his bike, though. . .



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