Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: "Sen~or Drool-Cup" in THE SEARCHERS
From: (Greg Sandell)
Date: 1990-12-17, 09:08

Okay, so I'm a Twin Peaks nut...I rented John Wayne's movie,
THE SEARCHERS, just so I could see the old man (room service
waiter) from Twin Peaks in it.

Contrary to what an earlier posted indicated, he does not say
"I've heard about you," or give the thumbs-up sign to anybody.
Although he's younger, his facial mannerisms are recognizable,
and he delivers his lines similarly.  His role in The Searchers
was purely for comic relief in an otherwise serious movie,
and he plays a kind of lovable villiage-idiot role.  A few of
his lines were very much like "I've heard about you" in their 
I'm-an-out-of-it-goofball way.  His recurring theme throughout
the movie is that all he ever wants in life is to have on a rocking 
chair on a porch to enjoy ("resume whittling," as Albert would
say)...which, of course, he gets by the end of the movie.  Another
scene is at a bar where a Mexican gentleman buys everybody
a drink.  John Wayne is earnestly listening to the news from the
gentleman, while our friend is hamming it up over his free drink,
having seconds, etc., real stereotypical stuff.

All told, I don't think it's exciting enough to rent, but if you
want to do so just to see the old man (what's the actor's name,
anyway?), here are the times in hours:minutes:seconds where he
appears.  I reset my counter to 00:00:00 at the physical start
of the tape, which was a Warner Bros. Home Video.

0:12:18   (good line for MacRecord-ing here)
1:18:41  (lots here)
1:45:40  (lots here)
1:58:25  (gets his rocking chair)

- Greg
* Greg Sandell (          Evanston, IL USA *
* Institute for the Learning Sciences, Northwestern University *