Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Brotherhood Theory
Date: 1990-12-17, 07:20

As a member of the AH?tic lodge, things and plots
begin to look familiar.
Any other O.A. members out there?
What is the current population count of T.P?
Is it going to be like Cabot Cove with a declining population?
What is the current population,  anyone know?
I don?t think Tibetian lore has anything to do with the plot.
We should pay closer attention to Native American beliefs ,lore
and teaching of the ways.
We are one with nature, the path is to be chosen.
Spirits are in all nature, etc.
I propose that Hawk and the sheriff are "brothers".
[Not of the physical nature?]
(Pay attention to the look of surprise (disgust) when Cooper
mentioned the Major [the eagle] revealing the White Lodge
too soon.). Don?t forget the merit badges.
Leland may also have been a misguided "brother",
being that he made his decision as a young ( 13 to 20 yrs. of age.)
boy. Think about how things were in to 50? to the early 70?s.
before the anti-para-military movement.