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Subject: Re:``Wait here''revisited:That was no Mountie!!!
From: ADMN8647@Ryerson.CA (Linda Birmingham)
Date: 1990-12-17, 06:58

In article <28781@usc>, (Louise Marks) says:
> >
> >The Mountie is working for Jean Renault.  I doubt there was a sting
> >operation at all--that story was for the benefit of the FBI.

That was no Mountie!  RCMP officers do not  wear those silly uniforms
when on official duty, only at ceremonial functions or at tourist
sites (they wear very stylish brown tunics with black pants :>) ).
I was waiting for him to start singing "I'll be seeing you, ooooooo"
They would never be refered to as "Mountie whatever his name was".  The
RCMP is a paramilitary police force, a sort of combination FBI/CIA.
He would have been either inspector or major.  I hope this whole scene
was either the writers' sense of humour or a clue that this chap was
not a mountie.

This is probably nitpicking, but as a Canadian I have been constantly
amused at the misinformation on this show regarding this country.
For example if Twin Peaks is in Washington state, the province north
of the border would be British Columbia often referred to as the last
enclave of the British Empire (ie. they still hold high tea at the
Empire Hotel in Victoria).  Not exactly a bastion for French Canadians,
yet everyone at OEJs appeared French. Renault was referred to as a king pin
in the Territories - was this supposed to be the North West Territories
(which are hundreds of miles north of Washington state and have a
very small population)?  Not much to be a king pin of.
Why not say he was in charge of Vancouver's drug trade.  Vancouver is
reported to be a main gateway for Asian drugs into both Canada and
the US. (They could even tie in Josie since Vancouver also has a very
high Asian population).

Like I said it is nitpicking, but I really get tired of American
television stereotyping Canada.  This is not a country filled with people
who speak with poor french accents nor is it a land of snow, indians
and police officers wearing red uniforms and silly hats.  If it is not
important enough to get the facts correct, don't use the country in
the plot.

Anyway I was glad to see in the 12/15 show, they referred to the
mountie as RCMP officer whatever.  On the whole I found the latest
episode a return to the earlier style of writing and production and
an improvement over the last few (IMHO).


PS: In typical Canadian fashion, I apologize if I offended anyone :>)

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