Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: 12/15 Episode
From: (Dave Mack)
Date: 1990-12-17, 15:48

In article <> (Joshua Neil Rubin) writes:
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> >Re: 12/15
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> >- The headline read "Leland Palmer Laid To Rest".  
> >  By the way, did anyone ever figure out who the third 
> >  man was whose semen was found in LP?

Leo Johnson, Jacques Renault, Leland Palmer.

> >- It would seem that the robed figure at the end of 
> >  12/8 was the "Dweller on the Threshold.

You assume that Hawk's explanation of "the White Lodge" is
the correct one. Maybe. Would Major Briggs be familiar with
Indian legends? Maybe.

I thought the Major's disappearance was by far the most interesting
thread - I was sorry to see it given such short shrift in this
episode in favor of such things as James' meeting with Evelyn.
(On the other hand, that's the first scene in the series that's
taken place outside of TP. It will be terribly disappointing if
Evelyn isn't somehow tied in with Wyndham Earle.
BTW, who *did* own the black T-bird?)

But I digress...

-- Dave Mack