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Subject: Re: Russ Tamblyn (wasRe: TP: What about Jacoby?)
From: thorn@godot.RadOnc.UNC.EDU (Jesse Thorn)
Date: 1990-12-17, 10:24
Reply-to: (Jesse Thorn)

Tormenting Demons from an unspecified NetherWorld made
 <> (Hazel Sydeserff) write:
> >I keep reading that Russ was in West Side Story (like Richard Beymer). I know 
> >that RB played Tony ("te adoro, Anton") but who was RT?

Beats me. What I want to know is this....

While looking for VCR tapes for my kids for Xmas I came across a
version of "Tom Thumb" starring Terry Thomas as The Villain and, yes
you geussed it, Russ Tamblyn as Tom. It was shown recently on the
Disney Channel. Is this our Dear Doctor?