Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Twin Peak Eraserhead Connection
Date: 1990-12-17, 07:47

In article <>, (Vidar Hanssen) writes:
> >  
> > Someone on some film-newsgroup (I can't remember which) said that Pete 
> > Martell is the same actor who played the lead in Eraserhead.  I find this 
> > hard to believe, as Pete Martell looks 50 years old, and Henry looks 20 
> > years old. But they do look the same, could it be father and son?
> > 
	They are one and the same.  Jack Nance is the actor's name, and the
   years have not been particularly kind to him.  He is a David Lynch reg-
   ular, appearing in _Dune_ (I beleive he was the Baron's secretary) as 
   well as _Blue Velvet_ (as a member of Dennis Hopper's gang).  He may 
   have popped up in _Wild At Heart_, too, but I don't remember.

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