Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Twin Peaks: Ben is BOB?
From: (Pamela Culbreth)
Date: 1990-12-17, 12:08

As I was watching the 12/15 episode, I found Ben's
performance intriguing.  First of all, he's usually 
well-groomed and in a suit.  But in his scene he was
unshaven and in a bathrobe.  Something's amiss!

After the visit from Hank, he kept repeating Hank's
words: "You're Out, Ben".  It was kind of spooky really.
He was acting as if he were going crazy.  Of course,
how would _you_ feel after being cheated out of a HUGE
business deal by someone who you thought was dead.
Being charged (but then released) for the murder of
a friend's daughter.  And then worrying that someone had 
information which links you to the mill fire.
What a nightmare, but then, who deserves it more than
him? :) (let me count the Twin Peaks characters...:) :)

But after thinking about "Where BOB went", and hearing
Ben keep repeating "You're OUT, Ben", I couldn't help
but wonder if maybe, just maybe, BOB might have said
the same thing to Ben.  "Yo Ben, do you mind if I rent
out this prime piece of real estate in your conscience?"

But, I'm *really* hoping that BOB ends up in James,
who then gets rid of Donna, and then promptly dies.  Can 
you say, "Bad Actors Anonymous," sure, sure you can...