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Subject: correction Re: 12/15 Synopsis
From: (Janet M. Swisher)
Date: 1990-12-18, 08:32

In article <> (Bob Nolty) writes:

> >VI. Nadine and Donna visit at TPHS.  Nadine has a crush on Bobby.  Neither has
> >    seen James for several days.			    ^^^^^
Rather, Mike Nelson, Donna's former boyfriend.

> >VIII. Dick arrives at the station with a 12-year old (nephew?).
"Little Nicky" is Dick's "little brother" in a Big Brothers-type

> >XI. Nadine flirts with Bobby in the weight room while leg pressing 600 pounds.

> >XIII. Diner - Norma, then Hank talk to Ernie.  Nothing happens.
Norma seems to be onto Ernie.  She tells him to get out of town.

> >XIV. Dick, Andy and nephew Nicky drink malteds. 
"Little brother."

> >XVI. IMHO the only scene worthy of the TP tradition: an unshaved Ben sits
> >     in his office watching 20-year old home movies.
They are movies of the ground-breaking for the Great Northern.  And
they're probably 30 or 40 years old, given Ben's current age, and his
age in the movies.

Otherwise, a good synopsis. Thanks for performing a public service.

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