Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Department store
From: (Roger P. Hangarter)
Date: 1990-12-18, 20:45

I've only been reading the twin peaks stuff for a few weeks.  Everyone I work
with watches the show and we always spend a good part of our Monday's talking
about what happened Sat. night.  Many of our discussions have been reflected
in this news group.  However, I get exposed to many new ideas and can impress
my fellow workers with new insights since I read this group and they don't.

There is a subject that has been bothering me since way back.  
How can a town the size of Twin Peaks have a fancy department store?  One with
a mens fashion dept., a fancy perfume counter, etc.

There seems to be only one gas station, one bar, and one diner.  Is there a
fancy department store because there are no other places to spend money?

Any insights will be appreciated.  I know my friends are tired of me asking
about this so I won't push it on the newsgroup if I get a few responses.

Time to go shopping.