Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: It can't be Leo
From: (Lisa Laidlaw)
Date: 1990-12-18, 08:46

Lots of responses on E-mail that I'm wrong on the Leo thing, and
after Saturday night, I think I'm wrong too.  It could very
easily be  Andrew.   What I thought was Leo's slicked back look,
now appears to be gray hair.  I guess the power of suggestion is
strong.  Still if it turns out to be Leo it would be wild. He could
be the one who put the blue stuff inn Ronnette's IV.  Is this an
old idea?  I don't always keep up, and when I do, I always miss the
week I have been thinking about.

Also, do you think it might be Windom Earle? I forget the sequence of
events.  I am interested in the WE/chess game connection to Cooper. I
always thought the name Windam Earle sounded like a chess move.  Is it
well-known in chess circles?

Finally, I am looking forward to the development of the Ben Horn scene.
He really was moving in that retrospective of the GN grand opening. I
have always liked Ben Horn.  I think that he is motivated by Money. I
don't see greed for material possessions being equal to the evil of the
possession of souls, emotionns, people. . .I think that Ben horn is in
fact easiest to count out as being the murdering type. Although at the
moment there is no murderer to find,we can assume there will be another
murder.  He is not driven to possess people's souls, just their wallets.
He may have a side not yet revealed that does want to possess soul (witness the
addiction that Blackie blames on him), but I tend to think that he is
seeking wealth, not lives.  I like his character because he has
shown several sides to it.  The wheeler-dealer, the unfaithful hubby,
the silly stuff with Jerry. (my favorit scene is when Leland, Jerry and
he are dancing in Ben's office while leland sings).  And at times a
vulnerability.  During Audrey's disappearance. At unpredictable moments
he seemed disturbed at least, scared at best. During his
imprisonment he was ruffled up and it appeared to indicate a side
of him that was frightened or at least not in control.  And now,
of course, the broke Ben Horn is a psychotic mess.  This side
of him is the most vulnerable yet, and seems to support that he
is made up of the material possessions he controls.

Anyway,  Ben Horn is interesting, and may yet make a deal with the
devil to repossess the ghostwood estates project.  Then his
vulnerability will be Bob's tool for possessing souls/lives.

I hope that we don't see too much more of the "dick/andy/lucy"
silliness.   The joke is played out and done.  We could
"conceivably" (no pun intended) go on with it until next
year given they won't be making new episodes after about March
probably.  What a tortuous thought.  I still would like
to see some serious evil thing to be attached to that triangle.

Someone mentioned that James Hurley was a HUNK, and although
for a "high school" boy he is somewhat attractive, HUNK is a
horrificly rude term for his appearance.  I would say he is
probably a fine looking guy in his real life, but that comment
has stuck with me, and I had to comment that he is attractive,
but the word just didn't seem to be fair. My husband would be
perturbed if he knew I wrote that.  He doesn't log on to this
network so I'm safe. HUNK is to men what CHIK is to women--
that my spouse would probably agree with.

Not to end on a "flame" as I guess it is called when someone
criticizes some one else on here,  no personal attack
intended at all.  I wanted to agree with your taste, but not
with your adjective.  Finally, I wanted to invite comments on
a few inconsistencies I've picked up on.  We've advanced less
than a month on TWIN PEAKS time, am I right?  Isn't it cold in
WA in February?  No one seems too chilly.  Also,  how could that
mountie have fooled the FBI into thinking he was a real mountie
that was forcing a sting operation?  Or was he a real mountie
that went Bad so to speak?  And doesn't he look like Duddly
Doright?  Where is Penelope Pitstop??? Happy Holidays

No silly quote, there is none to add this week.