Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: More on Dennis/Denise
From: (Kathleen Hunt)
Date: 1990-12-18, 21:43

From: swilson@thetone.Eng.Sun.COM (Scott Wilson)

*I was trying to figure out if Dennis/Denise is supposed to be gay
*(their is a common misconception that cross-dressers are gay, but I've
*heard that 85% are heterosexual).  He/she seemed to take a liking to
*the sheriff, but I wasn't really sure.  Either way I think Cooper
*just lost my vote for sexiest man on TP to Denise.

I don't know if Dennis/Denise is supposed to be gay, but I get the
feeling he/she is supposed to be transsexual AS WELL AS being a
transvestite.  The two often get mixed up, along with homosexuality.
A transsexual wants to be the opposite sex -- since Dennis has
changed his/her name to Denise and wants to be referred to as "she",
I assume he/she is a transsexual.  Transvestism usually goes along
with this, as it is part of taking the role of the opposite sex.  However,
many transvestites (most?  I don't know) are NOT transsexuals.  They get
a kick out of the clothes, but are perfectly happy with their gender.

I too was pleased at how "straight" Denise is being played, and boy,
"she" really does dig the sheriff, doesn't she?