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Subject: Re: Doctor Twin Peaks
From: abbott@mobius.ACA.MCC.COM (Jeff Abbott)
Date: 1990-12-18, 07:34
Reply-to: abbott@mobius.UUCP (Jeff Abbott)

In article <> janet@indetech.COM (Janet Christian x2054) writes:
> >In article <1633@mobius.ACA.MCC.COM> abbott@mobius.ACA.MCC.COM (Jeff Abbott) writes:
>> >>Interesting to see shows other than "Northern Exposure" referring
>> >>to Twin Peaks. . .
> >Did Northern Exposure refer to Twin Peaks in an episode? If so, please
> >give us a synposis of what it was. Thanks...

Northern Exposure repeatedly referred to Twin Peaks during its
limited run: comments about coffee, pie, doughnuts, and a lady
walking around town with a log. It was discussed to a pulp
on this newsgroup.

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