Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Previews at end of 12/15
From: tneff@bfmny0.BFM.COM (Tom Neff)
Date: 1990-12-18, 17:48

In article <> (Greg Sandell) writes:
> >Can anybody make out what we're shown in the very last clip of
> >the previews at the end of the 12/15 show?  I can really make
> >no sense out of the jumble of images, but I do see a human thumb,
> >which might be Cooper's thumb on his dictaphone.  There is a
> >voice-over, something like:
> >	Audrey:  Are you allright?
> >	Cooper:  You may have saved my life.

We wondered about those previews too, and freeze-framed them a few times
right after the show.  Here's what we got.

 * James and Evelyn seem to be driving back to the house after James
fixes the Jag.  Evelyn's husband is standing in the driveway taking bags
out of the trunk.  James is asking Evelyn "you're not afraid of your
husband are you?"

 * A shot of the vacant lot next to Leland's old house in Pearl Lakes.
Voice over of an unidentified woman reminiscing about something weird...
I don't have the tape here to check.  Presume someone does spadework in
P.L. next episode.

 * Close up of a B&W photo.  Thumb of the hand holding the photo visible
on R side of screen.  Photo looks like a clandestine surveillance shot:
blurred obstruction in the U.L. but the rest clearly shows 1/4 profile
of a curly headed person with sunglasses and upturned collar walking
into an exterior doorway.  Audrey asks "I did all right, huh?" and
Cooper responds "You may have saved my life."  I interpret this to mean
that Audrey snuck into someone's room at the Great Northern and grabbed
one or more pictures which tell Cooper something important about the
forces who are out to get him: maybe the picture tells him who's in on
the plot, who was at OEJ's that night, etc.

Anyone know who's directing in two weeks?