Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Twin Peak Eraserhead Connection
From: dupree@hpclpa.HP.COM (Chuck Dupree)
Date: 1990-12-18, 13:27

/ (Mike Melnyk) / 11:38 am  Dec 17, 1990 /

>> >>	.
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>> >>One subtlety that I found funny (and everybody I know seemed
>> >>to miss) was Betty Briggs' appearance in the Funeral Episode
>> >>in the first season. She comes into the room to tell Bobby
>> >>and Major Briggs it's time to leave for the funeral. There's
>> >>a little yellow smiley-face button on her lapel.  Ironic,
>> >>huh?
>> >>	.
>> >>	.
>> >>	.

I thought the entire scene was pretty funny.  Bobby and
Major Briggs are involved in a shouting match, part of their
continuing disagreement, which Betty MUST have heard as she
approached the room.  But as she enters the room, she cheerily
says something like "Is everybody ready?"  Clearly, the other 
two aren't, but she's the shepherd...

- ced