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Subject: Re: Leland Speaks! The rest of the Fresh Air talk
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Date: 1990-12-19, 07:58
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In article (Steve Carol) writes:

   ... much interesting transcription deleted...

   [RW]  Oh I don't know, I suppose it might have something to do 
   with my Rumanian heritage.  I'm half Rumanian on my mother's side 
   -- no I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with that because 
   we've been here in this country for many, many years.  But I do 
   enjoy those legends of Count Dracula - Vladim Paylor [sp?]

That's Vlad Impaler, so-called because he impaled his victims.  Still
Vladim Paylor has a certain ring to it.

Thanks for the transcription.


   know, early on in the 14th, 15th century, and the whole vampire 
   mystique, and I just love to be scared.  I love to lie in bed late 
   at night under the covers and have that book in front of me and 
   shiver a bit when I read passages, certain passages.  And it feels 
   good, it feels -- to be on the edge, you know, of that kind of 
   danger, literary danger, that isn't life threatening -- it feels 
   pretty good and I enjoy that feeling.

   [TG]  now that your character of Leland Palmer is dead, is there 
   any chance that you're going to be coming back as an apparition or 
   in a flashback?

   [RW]  Well from your words up to God's ears [she laughs hard, he 
   chuckles]  I don't know... I suppose that that's always possible, 
   it would  be interesting and I'm sure that some thought about that 
   has been bandied about.  They don't miss a trick up there in the 
   Twin Peaks office.

   [TG] You're at NPR's Los Angeles bureau now, I'm in Philadelphia, 
   we're not really looking at each other.  I mean we can't see each 
   other, so I need to know:  is your hair really dark, or is it 
   really gray?

   [RW]  Well, oh, you mean my real hair.  My real hair is dark, dark 
   brown, and they had to make my hair white through a terrible 
   chemical process that I don't think anybody should have to endure, 
   but I did for several months.  They had to use major chemicals and 
   large amounts of them to make my hair as white as it looked on the 
   screen.  And right now I'm only half and half...

   [TG]  It's only half grown out?

   [RW]  Yeah, I'm very Madonna-ish, I guess. Very very dark roots 
   that are about an inch long, and then about an inch of white hair 
   on top of that and it looks, everybody tells me that it looks 
   quite good, but I can't imagine that.  I'm just giving my hair a 
   breather. I'm letting it rest a little bit and I promised my wife 
   that I'm going to get it cut within the next couple of weeks.

   [TG]  Well I want to thank you a lot for talking with us, it's 
   been a lot of fun to meet Ray Wise.

   [RW]  Yeah, it's great talking to you.  A lot of people, they've 
   seen a lot of Leland but not a lot of Ray and it's nice to talk to 

   [TG]  Actor Ray Wise.

   [some cool, smoky Twin Peaks music starts, and fades slowly...]

   Thanks to those on the net who sent the nice encouraging notes,
   prompting this second posting.  I apologize for not responding
   individually, but this being my first week on the net I have
   yet to become competent on some basics, like replying to email!

   Nevertheless, my priorities are clear.  I know how to keep up
   on ALT.TV.TWIN-PEAKS.  I'd say all else takes a back seat.
   Steve Carol