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Subject: Re: More on Dennis/Denise
From: ADMN8647@Ryerson.CA (Linda Birmingham)
Date: 1990-12-19, 05:33

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(Kathleen Hunt) says:
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> >From: swilson@thetone.Eng.Sun.COM (Scott Wilson)
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> >*I was trying to figure out if Dennis/Denise is supposed to be gay
> >*(their is a common misconception that cross-dressers are gay, but I've
> >*heard that 85% are heterosexual).
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> >I don't know if Dennis/Denise is supposed to be gay, but I get the
> >feeling he/she is supposed to be transsexual AS WELL AS being a
> >transvestite.  The two often get mixed up, along with homosexuality.
> >A transsexual wants to be the opposite sex -- since Dennis has
> >changed his/her name to Denise and wants to be referred to as "she",
> >I assume he/she is a transsexual.

I agree that Denise is a transsexual since he/she is presenting
herself (I think I'll stick with the feminine since that seems
to be her preference) as a woman.  Most transvestites do not
cross-dress while performing everyday activities, such as their jobs.

There was a very good show on PBS sometime ago about a young man who
was a transsexual and trying to obtain a sex change operation.
Unfortunately, I started watching in the middle and don't know the
name of the show.  The individual in this documentary looked remarkably
like Denise.  Apparently, before getting the operation the person
must live as a woman (or man depending on which operation is being
sought) for at least two years before the final operation is done.
This is to ensure that the individual really wants to make
such a major decision as well as to get them psychologically prepared
for the change.  The documentary was excellent in depicting the trauma
the young man went through in first making the decision and then
carrying it out.  It showed him going to work as a woman (he was an
animator/cartoonist) and how his co-workers reacted.  It also showed
him going to a high school reunion and large family gathering.  The
reactions of the people were very similar to those in TP.  Sort of
bemused amusement.  No one appeared outwardly hostile.  Unfortunately
the show ended without the viewer finding out if he got the
operation because he lost his job (he said because of his decision
to become a woman, the employer said it was a layoff due to
economics) and he did not know if he could come up with the rest of
the money.  He was about half way through.  Anyway, it was very

I like Denise and hope she stays around TP for a while.


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