Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Previews at end of 12/15
From: (Michael R. Hall)
Date: 1990-12-19, 12:30

In article <> (Greg Sandell) writes:
> >Can anybody make out what we're shown in the very last clip of
> >the previews at the end of the 12/15 show?  I can really make
> >no sense out of the jumble of images, but I do see a human thumb,
> >which might be Cooper's thumb on his dictaphone.  There is a
> >voice-over, something like:
> >	Audrey:  Are you allright?
> >	Cooper:  You may have saved my life.

It looks to me like a photograph, which someone (presumably Cooper) is
holding. In the photo, there is a person (probably male) in a leather jacket,
and I think another person and perhaps a car door or other door.  I conjecture
that this is a picture of a meeting between Hank (looks like his jacket) and
perhaps either Jean or the crook-mounty.  However, to literally have "saved
his life", it would have to be a picture of Windom Earle.

BTW: I hope the drop in traffic on is not an indication of
a massive drop in ratings.

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