Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: 12/15 Name That Tune... James & Motorcycle
From: (Ann Hodgins)
Date: 1990-12-20, 07:20

In article <12432676@bfmny0.BFM.COM> tneff@bfmny0.BFM.COM (Tom Neff) writes:
> >In article <> (Charles Blair) writes:
>> >>   Explanation wanted of the profound significance of James' juke box 
>> >>choice.  I was expecting (1) Mairzy Doats (2) PEnnsylvania 6-5000
>> >>(3) something by Julee Cruise  (4) whatever it is Audrey dances to
> >
> >I forget exactly which piece it is right now, but that was some more
> >Angelo Badalamenti music.  You can hear it on -- WAIT FOR IT! --
> >Industrial Symphony #1.  I recommend a couple viewings of IS1 for all
> >Peaks freaks.  Great for spotting subtexts and fetishes in the TV show.

Very interesting. I thought the music was simply a great expression of the
emotions Evelyn feels and inspires in James. Amazing that there is
even more to it!  Is Industrial Symphony a video, a movie?