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Subject: Re: Comments about Mac Sounds
From: (Rebel Without A Clue)
Date: 1990-12-20, 18:51

In article <5731@healey> meier@healey (Rolf Meier) writes:
> >In article <> (Emmanuel Goldstein) writes:
>> >>
>> >>For the record, I've been receiving all of the TP sound files
>> >>and making use of them on my Mac. I feel forever indebted to
> >
> >I can't think of anything more stupid.  Why do people want to listen
> >to a computer saying one line?  Why don't you just use a tape
> >recorder for the whole show and listen to whatever you want?
> >That's got to be cheaper.
> >
> >Besides, don't think it doesn't cost anything to send those huge
> >files all over the continent.
> >
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	It also doesn't cost nothing to post your flames on these machines.

	Now that that's over with, I can explain. I'll take it slow since
by your disgust it's clear you've never experienced multimedia:
	The Macintosh is a personal computer. One of the benefits of a Mac
over a PC is its lush user environment, should you choose to play a little.
You can have background pictures on the desktop (this is what the backdrop
of the Mac is called) and have the make play sounds when you do things like
eject/insert a disk, type certain keys, boot/reboot/shutdown or get an 
error message. All these seeming frills make my working environment more
humourous and pleasurable, which leads to greater productivity. I also 
just find it funny for my desktop computer to say "DAMN fine coffee!" at

	Perhaps your .sig should be:
	"Everything I don't agree with is STUPID!"


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