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Subject: Re: Comments on 12/15 -SPOILERS (of course)
From: (Ann Hodgins)
Date: 1990-12-20, 09:47

In article <19080024@hpclpa.HP.COM> dupree@hpclpa.HP.COM (Chuck Dupree) writes:
> >/ (Dave Mack) /  7:00 pm  Dec 18, 1990 /
> >writes:
> >
                THE CHESS GAME:

>>> >>>It's quite obvious that WE isn't talking about a chess game here.
>>> >>>I assume that his "emphatically traditional opening" refers to
>>> >>>the attempt to assassinate Cooper. 
I also see the shooting of Cooper as Windom Earle's first move.
It is emphatic, undoubtedly, but what makes it traditional?
Perhaps it is like the opening trumpet blast at a tournament.
"Tah, tah TAH!"
> >
> >
If Cooper chose the French Defense (1. ..
> >P-K3 or .. e6), a "classical confrontation" would be
> >developing, in the sense that two classical methods of play
> >would confront each other.  If Cooper chose, say, 1. ..
> >P-KN3 (or .. g6), a confrontation would develop between the
> >classical approach and the so-called "hypermodern" approach.
> >This confrontation was at the heart of chess during the first
> >few decades of the twentieth century.
> >
> >Just another example of things having (at least) two meanings
> >in this show.
> >
Why stop at just two meanings. I could go on and on and probably will!
"Hobgoblins, Dale" is a reference  to "consistency is the hobgoblin of small
minds - meaning that one must dare to be inconsistent."
Earle goes on to discuss the dangers of predictable behaviour. I find that
interesting because it is known, among the criminal element, that 
'straight' people make themselves vulnerable through the predictable
routines they fall into.
"What are my true intentions?"   Indeed.
Is Earle a criminal now?  Does he want to destroy Dale or is he still trying 
to be Dale's teacher by teaching him the value of unpredictability?
Earle's description of the progress of his game reminds me of the historic
progress of Evil in the world. It starts with war (knights scirmishing) 
moves into religion and politics (bishops and castles) and ends with the
war and politics sacrificing civilians casually (pawns forfeit)  and the
destruction of the female element in the modern world (sacrifice of the queen)
Of course this is my personal opinion  :-)