Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Department store
From: sew@hpfcso.HP.COM (Sheila Wassmer)
Date: 1990-12-20, 10:48

Roger P. Hangarter writes:

> > There is a subject that has been bothering me since way back.  
> > How can a town the size of Twin Peaks have a fancy department store?  One with
> > a mens fashion dept., a fancy perfume counter, etc.

> > There seems to be only one gas station, one bar, and one diner.  Is there a
> > fancy department store because there are no other places to spend money?

> > Any insights will be appreciated.  I know my friends are tired of me asking
> > about this so I won't push it on the newsgroup if I get a few responses.

I seem to remember this being discussed a while back, but just my own HO...

Just because the action of Twin Peaks focuses on a few locations and a select
group of people, we shouldn't assume that that's all there is to the town.
Especially if the sign in the credits is correct and the population is 50,000+.
I live in Fort Collins, CO, and we have 70,000-90,000 residents (depending on
which propaganda you read) when *all* the students at CSU are here.  So we
would fit in the same small town range.  However, we're hardly a 1 gas station
town.  We have 3 shopping malls (only one is really surviving, though), lots
of community shopping areas, and all sorts of theaters, rec centers, etc.
that make this a nice place to live.

It seems that the creators of TP want to give the town a close-knit atmosphere,
and they can best do that by limiting the scope of the action.  But it is
hardly unreasonable to expect that there be a big department store in town.

	Sheila Wassmer, Hewlett-Packard Colorado IC Division