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Subject: Re: Leland and MIRANDA (was Re: Cooper was given the solution on a silver platter. (was Re: Major glaring diary discrepancy? (and some MAJOR dissatisfactio
From: jimvons@ashtate (Jim von Schmacht)
Date: 1990-12-20, 10:51

In article <59830@microsoft.UUCP> dante@microsoft.UUCP (Daniel TENENBAUM) writes:
> >Don't you think Leland would have known the jig was up at that point, because,
> >being a convicted felon, he could not practice law?  

My wife writes:

But Leland WASN'T a convicted felon.  He'd only had a hearing to determine his
fitness to stand trial.  He was loose in TP on his own recognasance(sp?) and 
died before his own legal situation went anywhere.

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