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Subject: Re: Welcome to amateur hour
From: (be here now)
Date: 1990-12-20, 19:42

Dave Arlington writes:
>> >>    And so we come to my latest explanation for all this. Josie is still
>> >> working for Eckhart and is planning to spy on Catherine. Catherine, who
>> >> knows her brother is now alive, will use Josie and Eckhart to wipe her own
>> >> brother out of the scheme, leaving everything to herself. Of course,
>> >> following Mike' theory of double and triple crosses, I expect Andrew will
>> >> find out about his sister's plans against him and team up with Ben Horne,
>> >> neatly bringing Ben back into power.

Lynn Z. Schneider writes:
> > I think that is a very good line of reasoning! We'll just have to wait to
> > see if your insights come true! Andrew being alive certainly adds a 
> > new twist to things....

I think Andrew's presence was menacing at best.  If he harbours BOB it
could explain his "sudden" return to Twin Peaks?  Teaming up with Ben
makes a certain amount of sense.  Ben controlled a sizeable corruption
and seemed to be quite natural for the job.  BOB/Leland posed as his
lawyer and it was his presence that perhaps kept the whole thing going. 

If the White/Black Lodge talk is going to amount to anything, then
it seems like the Black Lodge has been dealt a rather serious blow.
How will it react and through whom?  Perhaps WE's training of Cooper
was a lot more esoteric than has been hinted at?  So maybe the owls
are a kind of "guardian" that watch over this place of legend in the

The last episode gave a few more ideas/threads to pursue.  It's the
only commercial tv show I tape or watch with any amount of regularity.
So it fits that it should be pre-empted!  Damn ad driven tv...

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