Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Owls, Tshirts and Reusable casts.
From: (Lee Crawford)
Date: 1990-12-21, 12:49

...It's a dove, it's an owl, it's...

  Many of us are still uncertain about the final scene in which we view BOB,
without human host, flying through the indusrtial waste (???) of the
Twin Peaks outskirts. (David Lynch must've been off at Denny's getting
his daily mealdeal when they shot that one.)

  The results of many slomo viewing are still inconclusive. The final shot
is indeed an owl. (Prize for that one ???) The owl is shown on approach
in reversed contrast, (black/white -> white/black) and the switch to
normal color is staggered. As to the initial appearance of the owl,
the talons are not visible separate from the body and given the white
coloration of the image it does indeed seem to be something like a dove.
However, as the owl comes closer, the talons begin to lower. Therefore,
you see, one cannot really insist that the image began as a dove because
of the ...talons were raised... ...image was blurred... sort of reasonings
that might be used to counter such reasonings.

...T-Shirts already

  Has everyone noticed the new twin peaks T-Shirt line. I stopped into an
alternative clothing store called GEAR in Atlanta Georgia to look around
and stumbled upon the RR diner tshirt series. There was one with a large
cup of coffee and the caption "a good cup of joe", and another with
a large slice of cherry pie and caption. In the lower corner the RR diner
logo and the twin peaks logo. (/\ TWIN PEAKS /\)

...Reusable Actors

  I believe everyone who has see the movie "Look who's talking" will recognize
Major Briggs as the doctor who initially confirms Kirstie Allie's pregnancy.
The giant, aside from his role as Darryl Van Horne's (Jack Nicholson) butler
in "The Witches of Eastwick" also started in one of the old Star Trek
episodes. Maybe someone can help me remember the name of the episode where
he spent his time under the surface of that ransacked planet with all the
androids and blinky lights ???


        In heaven, everything is fine....
        In heaven, everything is fine...
        You've got your good things and I've got mine.

        In heaver, everything is fine...
        In heaven, everything is fine...
        You've got your good things and you've got mine.

                ... said a shy girl with ovaries in her cheeks
                             ((( EraserHead )))


From:	Lee Crawford
	fsulcd::crawford	(DECnet)

Arbitrary Quote:	  I am the ghost of troubled joe,
		hung by his pretty white neck some 18 months ago.
		I traveled to a mystical time zone and I missed my bed and
		I soon came home.

		  They said there's too much caffeine in you bloodstream,
		and a lack of real spice in your life.

				Morrissey of The Smiths