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Subject: Re: Twin Peak Eraserhead Connection
From: (Lee Crawford)
Date: 1990-12-21, 13:32
Reply-to: (Henry Spencer)

  The movie ERASERHEAD was made in the year 1977, the movie BLUE VELVET followed
1983. (Though I would get the exact dates out) 

  Jack Nance played the focus character of Henry Spencer in ERASERHEAD, and he
played a smaller role in BLUE VELVET. If you recall the scene at ``SAMS''
(SAM was the drug  dealer. [Now the computer guy on Quantum Leap]) Jack Nance
the guy who kept appearing on Jeffrey's left side introducing himself. He also
played in
WILD AT HEART as the guy that kept talking about his dog while Lula and Sailor
were stopped
off in the town of Big Tune. And of course, now, he is also Pete Martell.

  I really don't buy any of this "BOB is inhabiting Benjamin Horne" stuff, I
mean really. BOB has
no predilection for the harrassment of dirtbags, he prefers innocence. You'll
notice that this
normally translates into a fondness for girls. You may argue that Laura was
hardly innocent,
but reading the diary, we also know that BOB attempted to interfere with Laura
at the age of
12. She wouldn't play with him and it angered him. She was innocent at twelve
and in the evil
sense she, like her father, was innocent when she died. BOB was pissed that he
could never
have her and he destroyed her.

  Obviously Andrew is the angel that saved Catherine the night of the mill fire.
I doubt she 
knew he was alive before that. (I think she originally though it was an angel,
only to learn
later that it was her long dead brother Andrew who saved her.) I doubt that BOB
is in Andrew,
there is no reason for it. 

Author:	Lee Crawford
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