Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Twin Peaks: Ben is BOB?
From: (Ann Hodgins)
Date: 1990-12-21, 08:29

In article <1535@mtunf.ATT.COM> (Pamela Culbreth) writes:
> >As I was watching the 12/15 episode, I found Ben's
> >performance intriguing.  First of all, he's usually 
> >well-groomed and in a suit.  But in his scene he was
> >unshaven and in a bathrobe.  Something's amiss!
> >
> >But after thinking about "Where BOB went", and hearing
> >Ben keep repeating "You're OUT, Ben", I couldn't help
> >but wonder if maybe, just maybe, BOB might have said
> >the same thing to Ben.  "Yo Ben, do you mind if I rent
> >out this prime piece of real estate in your conscience?"
> >
> >But, I'm *really* hoping that BOB ends up in James,
> >who then gets rid of Donna, and then promptly dies.  Can 
> >you say, "Bad Actors Anonymous," sure, sure you can...
> >
> >pjc

I think that Ben is enjoying a nervous breakthrough - a major mental
re-organization that follows a great shock.  I say "enjoying" because 
his image, the image he worked so hard to maintain, is shot to hell and
he finds it freeing.  It means he can drop the act and re-connect with
what *really* matters to him. His behaviour looks extremely healthy to 
me because he is forgetting about the surface of his life and looking at
it core.
I was hoping that Bob would end up in James also, to take James down a
peg, but now it looks like Evelyn and her husband will do that without 
any help from Bob.