Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Cooper's First Move
From: (David M Snyderman)
Date: 1990-12-22, 12:04

What if Cooper has been playing the chess game all along and just never
realized it?  In other words, the game itself is a metaphor for the
Cooper/Earle struggle and Cooper countered Earle's move in real life--
Earle then translated this move to a chess board.  It's just now, though,
that Earle has bothered telling Cooper that they are playing chess.  If this
is true, it should help Cooper because it will give him an overall context for
the C/E struggle.  Finally, are we sure that the orginal move was pawn to
queen 4 and not, say, king 4 or 3?  If it were King 4 or 3, that would 
allow for the beginning of a Blitzkrieg 4 move mate-- which would explainwhy
Cooper got shot at the very beginning of the game.  (an immediate attack on
the opposing king).
Is there any way that we can correspond characters to pieces?  Audrey to
Cooper's queen, for example, Hawk and Truman to the two nights, and so on.

David M. Snyderman